How to Safely Correct While Sliding on an Icy Road

Category: Tips Date: February 12th, 2021 Author: Performance Auto Body, Inc.

Snow, ice and below-freezing temperatures may be beautiful to view from indoors, but when it’s time to venture out, winter weather can be dangerous. Here in the Chicago area, we have plenty of hazardous conditions so if you so wind up skidding across an icy road, it is important to remain calm and regain control of your vehicle. As the trusted auto body shop for Franklin Park and the surrounding areas, we’ve seen our fair share of accidents caused by sliding on ice. That’s why, we’ve put together a list of steps to take in order to correct a slide, regain control and avoid a trip to the auto body shop.

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First, when you feel your car begin to slide, take your foot off the accelerator and don’t immediately hit the brakes. Braking quickly can cause the car to slip and slide even more. By simply taking your foot off the accelerator, your tires should slow down and your car will slow down. Now, you’ll be able to better control where you’re headed. 

If you have front-wheel drive, steer your car in the direction the rear of the vehicle is sliding. Remember that a small slide requires only a small steering motion, while a bigger slide requires a bigger steer. If you oversteer and the back of your vehicle swings back the other way, change your steering accordingly until your car straightens out.

Once you gain control of your steering and you’re ready to stop the car, there are two ways you can brake. Most cars today have ABS brakes, which will safely stop your car on ice if you press firmly on the brake pedal. If your car is older or doesn’t have ABS brakes, it’s important that you gently pump your brake pedal rather than slamming on the brakes to stop your car.

It’s important to avoid sliding at all costs. If you steer the wrong way and allow the car to continue skidding in one direction, it’s likely that your car will spin in a circle until it hits something and stops.

The best way to keep yourself and your vehicle safe is to avoid sliding in the first place. If you must drive on icy or snow-covered roads, high-quality winter tires and driving slower than usual, especially around turns, can help keep you safe. 

But in the event your car does sustain damage, no matter the season, our auto body shop is here to help. Performance Auto Body is determined to deliver your car back to you with a safe, professional and quality repair backed by our full warranty. For a trusted auto body shop in Franklin Park, give Performance Auto Body a call at 847-455-5511 or contact us for all your auto body needs.