Preserving Resale Value: 6 Ways Hail Damage Car Repair Helps

Category: Hail Damage Repair Date: August 11th, 2023 Author: Performance Auto Body, Inc.

Has your car sustained hail damage? Even if you feel content leaving the dents, there are plenty of reasons to have hail damage car repair performed near Chicago. One of the largest reasons other than simply aesthetic ones is the preservation of resale value. At Performance Auto Body we are experts in hail damage car repair – from more traditional methods to paintless dent repair. So, we have compiled a list of 6 ways that hail damage car repair helps to preserve your car’s resale value!

car that requires hail damage car repair in Chicago due to dents from hailstorm

1. Competitive Advantage

If you are selling your car with hail damage, and someone else is selling the same make and model with similar mileage but without hail damage – which do you think the average buyer is going to choose? By returning your car to its former glory, before the hail damage was sustained, you give yourself a competitive advantage in the selling market.

2. Value Perception

As a potential buyer, what would you think of a car with hail damage? Would it seem as valuable to you as one without? For most, the answer is no. By repairing hail damage, you increase the value perception for your vehicle by removing visible damage.

3. Perceived Vehicle Health

Would you trust the condition of a vehicle for sale with visible hail damage? Or would you suspect that there might be something else going on there? Repairing hail damage can help potential buyers trust that your vehicle is in good health, rather than assuming the worst about possible issues under the hood.

4. Improved Vehicle Appearance

Overall, hail damage car repair improves the appearance of your vehicle. Dents and dings are often unsightly and in general lower the value of any vehicle. The better something looks, the higher the value likely is.

5. Better Trade-In Value

All of those combined impact the overall value of the vehicle. From perceptions to visible damage, these things impact your car’s resale value and how much a dealership would offer for trade-in value. If you are considering getting a new car at all in the future, be sure to maintain the condition of your current vehicle to get the best deal down the line.

6. Higher Selling Price

Finally, hail damage car repair can increase the selling price of your vehicle. For the same reasons that the trade-in value is increased, you can also charge a higher price when selling your vehicle independently and be more likely to receive your asking price.

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