New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

Category: Tips Date: January 11th, 2022 Author: Performance Auto Body, Inc.

It’s the beginning of a new year; a time for fresh starts and new approaches. We all have ways in which we want to improve our lives in the upcoming year. As we look to better our lives and those around us, there is one thing that we often take for granted and may not be thinking about — our car. Here at Performance Auto Body, we are the trusted name in car repair for the Franklin Park area and can help you get your vehicle looking good as new again in the New Year.

Our cars are practically a part of our family; trusty and true for years on end as we drive to the grocery store, school, work, vacations and more. But of course, they need maintenance to run smoothly and stay out of harm’s way. If your car made it through a tumultuous 2021, here are some important annual car maintenance tasks to think about for 2022.

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Fix that Cracked Windshield

You’ve looked past it so many times you may no longer even notice it but a cracked windshield is an easy but unsafe repair to delay. Cracks and damage to your windshield can prevent you from seeing the road and other vehicles clearly. Fixing your damaged windshield as quickly as possible will typically allow you to see more clearly from behind the wheel, which could help you to avoid some collisions before they occur.

Fix that Dent or Scratch

Another damage you may have learned to live with that you should take care of. Don’t drive around one more day in 2022 with a dented or scratched vehicle! 

Whatever the cause, all scratches can compromise the paint on your vehicle. Whether someone has keyed your car or it’s been scratched by another vehicle, you’ll want to have this type of damage repaired as soon as possible. If you let these issues go, they will cause long-term damage to your car’s paint job and underlying metal. In fact, paint scratches and rock chips will lead to rust and other kinds of damage if left untreated.

The most common results of motor vehicle collisions and they can happen to the best of us. You may get a dent without even trying like in a grocery store parking lot. They can be easy to repair but quick action is needed. Don’t wait too long to get it fixed. Dents and surface defects tend to deteriorate quickly.

Drive Safely

Do NOT text while driving! This is extremely careless. If you must use your phone on the road, use a hands-free device and don’t take any calls during hazardous driving conditions. Don’t write down notes or look up things on your phone while driving. If you must place a call, do so at a red light, stop sign, or parking space.

Whatever your car’s New Year’s resolution, we can help! For car repair in Franklin Park, give Performance Auto Body a call at 847-455-5511 or contact us for all your auto body needs.