The Most Common Auto Repair Services

Category: Auto Body Repair Date: June 9th, 2021 Author: Performance Auto Body, Inc.

From collisions to fender benders, accidents occur every day. They leave dents and scratches on cars, scraping paint and damaging panels. Has this happened to you? As the experts in auto repair for Franklin Park and the surrounding areas, we’ve put together an outline of some of the most common auto repair shop services. Some of the most common types of damage include:

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Whatever the cause, all scratches can compromise the paint on your vehicle. Whether someone has keyed your car or it’s been scratched by another vehicle, you’ll want to have this type of damage repaired as soon as possible. If you let these issues go, they will cause long-term damage to your car’s paint job and underlying metal. In fact, paint scratches and rock chips will lead to rust and other kinds of damage if left untreated.

An auto repair technician at Performance Auto Body can repair the scratch and then match the color of your paint exactly with our color matching technology so you would never even know damage occurred.


The most common results of motor vehicle collisions and they can happen to the best of us. You may get a dent without even trying like in a grocery store parking lot. They can be easy to repair but quick action is needed. Don’t wait too long to get it fixed. Dents and surface defects tend to deteriorate quickly. 

Depending on the type of dent, the professionals at Performance Auto Body can even perform paintless dent repair. Paintless Dent Repair is a specialized and meticulous process designed to restore dented panels back to their original shape without compromising a vehicle’s factory paint. And, it’s fast and affordable!


Damage to the windshield can occur for a number of reasons and it is important to get your windshield, mirrors and other windows repaired as quickly as possible to avoid a safety issue. Even the smallest of cracks can get worse over time, compromising the structural integrity of the glass.


Cracks, scrapes, and other types of damage to your bumpers can happen quite frequently. You never know how the rest of your car can be compromised, so it’s critical that you can bring your vehicle to a trusted auto repair shop anytime you have hit something with your bumpers.


Many people think fenders and bumpers are one and the same however this is simply not so! The bumper is the plastic component covering the front and back of your vehicle, the fender is the metal structure framing the wheel. Any unaddressed damage to your fender can compromise your alignment, steering, tires and more.

Whatever the damage, we can help! For auto repair in the Franklin Park area, give Performance Auto Body a call at 847-455-5511 or contact us for all your auto body needs.